Did you watch #GraduateTogether? Get ready to Rethink Together!

By 11:48am PST May 21, 2020

After coronavirus prompted school closures, it became clear that high school, and the state of education, will never be the same. It’s something we can’t stop talking about in our Teach for the Future Facebook Group.

You see, we imagine a future where learning is meaningful and engaging, and creativity is nurtured—where high schools challenge students to create, collaborate, and contribute to their community. But this isn’t just a bold vision for the future. We believe high schools should be a place where students can realize their full potential—now—whether school buildings are open or closed.

So, we have one question for you: What would you change about high school when buildings re-open?


That’s why we launched the Rethink Together Forum. It’s space designed to help high school communities rethink what’s possible, together—where high school students, educators, and families can join thought-provoking conversations and eye-opening learning experiences that help communities do exactly that, #ReThinkHighSchool.

The Rethink Together Forum features:

  • Student design challenges
  • Interactive resource library
  • On-demand videos
  • Meaningful conversations


The content of the Rethink Together Forum is both broad and deep. It folds into our larger discussions and adds supplemental tools and modes of engagement to make your educational experiences more meaningful and engaged. For instance, on the Forum we’ve included tools to help make it easier for states to #GraduateTogether locally as well as on-demand sessions that further student voice and choice in educational experiences. Here’s a look at what’s on the Forum this week:

  • Graduation Info By State (For Everyone)
    Find graduation information in your state, including a special message to the Class of 2020 from your state education leader and stories from your local high schools.
  • Virtual High School Graduation Toolkit (For Everyone)
    Join the nearly 3,000 people who have downloaded our free step-by-step guide that outlines how to host your own graduation ceremony and community celebrations—all while staying socially distant—just like Graduate Together.
  • Rebranding Rubrics (For Educators)
    Join Dr. Marc Eckō and Dr. Lauren Bierbaum and the thousands of visitors to this on-demand session that explores how rubrics can be used as a tool for setting personal goals for learning and development.
  • Thinking Ahead to Summer and Fall (For Educators)
    Hundreds of people are already planning ahead for the upcoming school year with MIT professor Justin Reich, as he dives into the logistics of where to start. Ready to join them?
  • Explore Your Identity (For Students)
    Students learn how to build relationships by understanding their personal values during a reflection workshop with Founder and Executive Director of The Ever Forward Club Ashanti Branch.


Get excited, too! There will be so many one-of-their-kind experiences coming to the Rethink Together Forum over the next few weeks. Here’s a look at some of the amazing and engaging posts we have lined up for next week:

This is only the beginning. We plan on bringing new and engaging content every week and want to build a robust community that works collaboratively to reimagine what high school can be. To do that, we’ll need your help. Log in to the forum, join a conversation, and prove that change is not only important but possible.

Do you have ideas about what high school in America should be? Or, are you a member of the Rethink Together Forum and want to contribute your thoughts to the XQ blog? Send an email to with your ideas and let’s rethink together. 



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