Watch This Inspiring Student Express Herself Through Spoken Word

By 11:38am PST August 03, 2020

Learning how to express yourself through creative endeavors is a life-long process—and a lot of this process begins in adolescence. It’s during this time that we learn to leverage creative capacities like painting, writing, and singing to explain our emotions and help others understand where these emotions are rooted. Can you use images and video to capture the complexities of your feelings? What about words? Can you string together a poetic phrase that evokes the pain or joy you are feeling? 

Graduating senior Janay Kelley uses spoken word to tell her story and express herself. If you remember her goosebump-inducing graduation speech from the #GraduateTogether Student Speaker Awards, you’ll love her other equally chilling work. Be sure to catch this session on the Rethink Together Forum to see the work that Janay has done throughout high school and get inspired. Who knows, maybe spoken word will be your next creative quarantine hobby?  


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Editorial Associate, XQ Institute. Hana is a recent graduate of Barnard College in New York and has spent the last two years working around issues of economic inequality, welfare reform, and gender justice.