Measurements help you tell unique stories about your school.
Evaluation mechanisms should be seamlessly integrated into the operational structure of your school and should exist as a transparent, collaborative process.
Agility and diversity are more important than ever.
FACT: Student demographics and the workplace of the future are changing rapidly.
How will you measure real progress for individual students and your entire school?
Performance measurement allows you to be transparent about your progress and goals. It also fosters a culture of collaboration. Good measurement tools help you identify what leads to successful learners in your school. How will you use data to measure growth, uncover problems, and drive continuous performance improvement for both students and adults?
Once you have a design you believe in, it’s time to bring all your great ideas to life. Map out a formidable plan for turning your school school idea into reality. For more information and inspiration, download the full module.
How will you measure growth in every student’s learning? How will you identify problems, challenges, and opportunities? What tools and procedures will you use to gather this information, and how often? How will you collect feedback on your instructional program, the overall experience of students, and the effectiveness of school leadership? How will you understand and improve performance based on this feedback? How can you use standard data sources differently to rethink student assessment from the bottom up? What data aren’t being collected through existing systems? What do you need to know about your students’ academic competencies, social-emotional development, and real-world interests in order to guide their journeys to adulthood?