Young people need to know how to think critically and solve problems creatively and collaboratively.
Today, people are much more likely to change jobs every few years. 
Traditional subject areas like English, math, and science are still important—the challenge now is for students to learn more deeply across these areas and apply their knowledge to everyday life.
Agility and diversity are more important than ever.
Agility and diversity are more important than ever.
FACT: Student demographics and the workplace of the future are changing rapidly.
Today’s global society demands new thinking skills and higher levels of educational achievement. By understanding the knowledge and skills young people need to succeed in the real world, we can start to design learning environments fit for the 21st Century. How can we help young people to be creative and self-reliant, discover what they love, master what they learn, and apply what they know to the challenges that matter to them?
To embark on the journey of creating a Super School that’s innovative, and engaging, and prepares students for a thriving future, you have to start by understanding young people. For more information and inspiration, download the full module.
What do young people need to learn today in order to succeed in the future?
Examine the high schools that already exist in the community you want to work in. How well are they serving young people, and what gaps do you see? Who does not benefit from high school opportunities, and why? How is the youth population in the community changing? How is it likely to change in the next several years? What demands and opportunities will adolescents in the community will face in higher education, the workforce, and civic life?
“Post secondary education is really important for everyone today because a high school diploma is no longer a ticket to the middle class.”