Agility and diversity are more important than ever.
FACT: Student demographics and the workplace of the future are changing rapidly.
What’s essential for effective learning today?
Take what you’ve discovered and use it to come up with audacious, unconventional, unconstrained ideas to reinvent the American high school. For more information and inspiration, download the full module.
Your school will need to deliver powerful teaching and learning experiences that help students build toward mastery. How will you know if students are learning, and how will you assess the products of their learning? How will your school accommodate differences in students’ interests, skills, and prior academic preparation? Your school must be innovative in both vision and implementation. How will your policies and practices reflect your innovative ideas? How will you use technology, off-campus spaces, and other resources creatively?
Teaching has to be innovative, and this doesn’t just mean bringing new technologies or the hottest theoretical approach into the classroom.
Rigor and depth of learning are achieved when teachers integrate new learning methods and tools into their curriculum thoughtfully and mindfully with the students’ needs and interests as a priority.
“You will set yourself up for failure if you arrive at a place believing you have all the answers without talking to the people who have lived there.”
so they spend their time documenting rather than developing their own capabilities.
It is empowering to adolescents when they feel adults are authentically engaging them in the decisions that affect their lives.
Young people today need to be given academically demanding content in class.
Equally important, they must be able to use that content in the context of their daily lives.
Effective instruction encourages deeper learning—the ability to apply knowledge to make inferences and solve problems. Learning is most effective and meaningful when young people can relate what they’ve learned to their real lives. How will you create a student-centered approach to learning in your school? What do innovative practices for teaching and learning look like?