But true mastery of 21st-century skills requires a more flexible conception of time.
Rethink the relationship between time and learning.
180 days. 6.5 hours a day. 50-minute classes. 8:30 AM to 3:00PM. This schedule has been the norm for high schools for nearly 100 years.
Agility and diversity are more important than ever.
FACT: Student demographics and the workplace of the future are changing rapidly.
Why do we need to break the rules about when, where, and how learning happens?
The infrastructure of most American high schools is founded on assumptions that no longer serve today’s students. To create a groundbreaking school, you need to rethink how you organize time, use space, and embrace new learning technologies. How will you structure the use of time, space, and technology to realize your school's goals and elevate rigorous student-centered learning?
Once you have a design you believe in, it’s time to bring all your great ideas to life. Map out a formidable plan for turning your school school idea into reality. For more information and inspiration, download the full module.
How can your school use time, space, and technology in innovative ways that enhance opportunities for students to learn and grow and for teachers to thrive and succeed? How will your students spend their time during the day and throughout the school year? How might you use spaces inside and beyond your school to enhance learning? How will you develop or get access to those spaces? What technologies will help you create the best possible learning experiences for your students?