XQ Math

A project-based algebra curriculum that activates and upgrades students’ math knowledge—and their enthusiasm for learning.

XQ Math rethinks Algebra 1—one of the hardest gateway courses, which pervasively has the highest failure rate. The XQ Math curriculum redesigns Algebra 1 around project-based learning and modeling to emphasize more complex cognitive skills, and organizes learning around student interests to help drive genuine engagement and to build their identity as “math people.”

Each XQ Math project module engages students in rigorous, creative, and meaningful work—work that prepares them for advanced mathematics and defies the idea that math is boring. XQ Math uses youth-tested projects to draw students into math, particularly those for whom traditional mathematics instruction has failed to engage. It motivates students to “activate” and “upgrade” their math knowledge to solve problems they care about through mathematical modeling. This builds students’ confidence and mathematical agency so they begin to see themselves as mathematically powerful. In so doing, it provides students with a stronger foundation for higher-level math.

XQ Math is a wholly new mathematics curriculum that:

  • Centers on youth-tested project frames to truly engage students, particularly those most underserved by traditional mathematics instruction
  • Puts students in a place where they are motivated to “upgrade” their mathematical modeling skills in order to solve something they care about
  • Introduces formalisms and abbreviations only after a big idea has been grasped
  • Ensures all students are engaged in grade-level work—when engagement increases, rigor can too
  • Systematically builds students’ confidence in their own mathematical agency, so that they begin to see themselves differently.

We are seeking a cadre of adventurous math educators to work with us on XQ Math, starting with Algebra 1 and Geometry. Each project module will engage students in rigorous, creative, and meaningful work—work that prepares them for advanced mathematics—and flagrantly defies the idea that math is boring and unattainable for all students.

What you will receive

In this piloting year, teachers will receive 

  • Access to project modules, complete with student directions, conceptual supports, teacher guides, and assessment rubrics
  • All supplies for any projects piloted
  • Individualized professional development
  • Continuing education credits as available
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What you will receive

About XQ Math Modules

Each XQ Math module explores critical mathematical concepts and centers on a common theme. To ensure genuine engagement and motivation, programs are designed to accommodate a high degree of student choice.

For example, in responding to a prompt to create a musical artifact, one student might create a TikTok duet using root beer bottles filled with water, while another might build a simple thumb piano, tuned using mathematical modeling, to accompany a song they love.

About XQ Math Programs

XQ Math Modules

An Invitation to Co-Pilot

Participating teachers and students will have the opportunity to improve their practice in doing and developing great projects, while also contributing to a valuable community resource.

Teachers who participate in co-designing will engage in XQ Math Design Days, a multi-day professional development experience to create their math PBL classrooms.

Next, teachers will pilot one or more XQ Math modules, providing students with an enhanced learning experience and bringing more creativity to their math curriculum.

Piloting teachers will be named as contributors to the curriculum.

An Invitation to Co-Pilot
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