Billboard reading "Your Artwork Here"
Billboard reading "Your Artwork Here"



How much do we really know anymore? How much is just a search engine spitting results at us. As every year goes on, education becomes more and more reliant on technology, and this is a good thing at face value. Teachers have the opportunity to create new learning experiences, use new tools, and adapt / cater to more students depending on their needs. Though I see a future where we become over reliant.
It's much easier to assign an assignment in the virtual classroom with links, than put together a lesson and touch students' hearts. I see a future where we could lose touch with what makes education so valuable. We could lose that meaningful connection, opting for the easier google search. Why ask questions and really think when you have the entirety of human knowledge in your pocket.
I want a future where we continue to foster meaningful connections between students and peers. I want a future filled with authentic, relevant, learning experiences. Not filled with cold google searches.