For hundreds of years African Americans have been oppressed and we have been seeing so much police brutality recently it honestly angers me. When the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor killings happened I wanted so badly to be apart of the BLM Movement but my father was afraid that I would get beat, killed or put in jail. As an African American teenager I feel it is my responsibility to explain to society how I feel about my people being killed by some of the people who are supposed to protect us. I am in the next generation of leaders so I have to make it my duty to fight for our TRUE freedom and equality. In my song Levels make it clear that although I was not able to protest I will not let go of the unjust wrongdoings of African Americans and no matter what I will fight and my people will fight through the madness until we finally become truly free and equal.




  1. *Lets Goooooooo!!!! Love this coco, super proud of your courage to voice your opinion and the way you did it KEEP GOING

    (Had to repost my comment lol I was so excited I didnโ€™t notice the typo)

  2. Wow. This is so amazing. You are very talented and a gifted young lady. Keep striving and pushing yourself to be the greatest.