Set Upon A Voyage™

“Although this is all not sorted out
just yet, you and I are set upon
to judge and fudge and nudge even more;
although this is a vivid awe-inspiration
Of a topic seeming nothing but not “so” good,
and it still shall succeed with no more doubts.
You and me once again are in the constant chance...
me and you can be targets of, and mercy is not quite reasonable.
In that I am a constant sufferer at current halt of viability
unfortunately, this is all not sorted out
Just yet, and though no more I try to please at least.
(If)You do not care enough, (then)And ceasing is necessary
of this burden which is all not sorted out just yet,
Success is following
as you and me are set upon to the destination
which will bring hay and fruits that are pleasing to you and me and all
In a world that will come true along as I and you can do what we are set to do.
All the trying seems like not enough, but if you know the way to the voyager’s far end
You can let me know--
it will go to the high resolution no matter the uts and buts and hurts in and out.

Set Upon A Voyage™

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