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Browse the sound gallery below to listen and check out the top submissions. Public voting closed on January 28th. The most upvoted song is Problems of the Public & Fears of the Private by Fausto Guzman. 

Rounding out the top five: Target by Daniel Triggs, Levels by Corneria Greeer, what did u mean when u said ‘normal’? by Violet Woodbeck, and Toxic Emotions by Emry Herring, Jesus Garcia, and Jhaiell Kilgore. You can watch SOL Development react to top submissions on YouTube

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Total votes for the Contest “XQ MUSIC AND ACTIVISM” : 1402

“The Last Thing I See” signifies how I would react if I were at the mercy of police brutality. It is a song that gives those who have never been victim to police brutality, a chance to now the fear

8 Votes

Often when I get “sad” or “in my feels” I like to listen to music; sometimes I’ll even write it. I’ve never been a great lyricist so what hoping to convey with this wordless little song, is that happiness isn’t

39 Votes
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