Art Awareness

Deforestation can damage the earth. We receive oxygen from them every day. We need trees for our ecosystems and, animals need them for their habitats and food sources. Trees are hugely important in our daily lives. The problem of deforestation is what inspired me for this project. I painted this piece using watercolor paint and markers. On the left, I painted a healthy and peaceful forest with a doe and a butterfly. On the right, I painted stumps in the dirt with no wildlife or greenery at all. The treeless forest looks sad and unhealthy. To keep this from happening, people have to keep planting trees to keep our earth safe and healthy.

In the artwork, I also wanted to include words to fill up some empty space. In those words, I incorporated earth and a couple of trees to gussy it up a bit.
Another reason I chose deforestation is that I love trees. I love to climb trees and go walking in the woods. The forests and woods are peaceful and great to just hang-out, relax, and let the stress merely fade away.