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The XQ #ARTIVISM Challenge has closed—view community submissions in the gallery below! Participants explored the issues they care about through visual art.  Check out the reaction video featuring BMike and top submissions!

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Contest Ended

Kadenlime goes through space world and find the beauty of space world and goes through amazing adventures!

20 Votes

As hard as life is, I have realized how lucky I am to have friends, especially a best friend. This piece shows just that – a world where everyone has a friend.
I think if everyone lived this dream, it

70 Votes

Hestia, the Greek god of the home and the hearth with food and peace.

12 Votes

This art piece was inspired by the ocean, I used the waves, could, and a lighthouse to show you the true meaning of mental health.

77 Votes

This is a painting that I made myself at Vine Gogh Painting Gallery

6 Votes

I dream of a world. A safe and unified place where everyone is equal: no matter what religion you follow, the color of your skin, what you choose to identify as, what career you choose to pursue, or what your

11 Votes

A short animation of an astronaut’s view of space, playing with the beautiful pictures to create letters. As we have already understood that Earth is a tiny place, worlds out there are unimaginable.

Submission URL:
36 Votes

I am a black female who never felt pretty or represented because of the media. I, also, have an affinity to the ocean and mermaids. With these to things in mind, I drew this character to represent black females who

13 Votes

I am frustrated with the division and hate in the world today. I believe life is precious and God created everyone equal. I created this original digital art to represent different groups of people and express my feelings of equality

9 Votes

Thus is based on how everybody should be treated m=not just hate on one another because thats not cool everyone should be treated with respect.

Submission URL: nevaeh\’
3 Votes

This artwork was based on the climate crisis and pollution. As we draw nearer to 2030, our world will spiral into disaster if the climate issue is not acknowledged.
(art drawn on Procreate)

5 Votes

Deforestation can damage the earth. We receive oxygen from them every day. We need trees for our ecosystems and, animals need them for their habitats and food sources. Trees are hugely important in our daily lives. The problem of deforestation

5 Votes

This is a drawing I created from a story I created a day I was bored, the character’s name is Starr she is the main character of a story of a pentagon of love. She is gay but person who

13 Votes

I painted this one Friday after school when I was feeling full of inspiration with party music playing in the background. My dream is for a future where this happens more often for everyone. Where we are all inspired and

2 Votes

Ever since of COVID-19 Asians have been consistently blamed for the virus. As a result of the pandemic it caused a high rise in Asian hate crimes. The purpose of the drawing is to show others that Asians are not

9 Votes

What I chose to represent a world I want to see is 2 girls dancing in front of a starry background. They’re free from stress and pressure that’s implemented on people in modern day society.

12 Votes

“You’re pretty for a ________ girl.” This phrase is not a compliment. We are beautiful because of our differences, not despite them. This piece represents a future where we cherish our differences and view each other as beautiful human beings.

33 Votes

A mental health related work, a reminder that there is still beauty in the world even though there’s hardships.

7 Votes

Its supposed to show that love the infinite and fuels your desire to achieve your dreams and goals.

2 Votes

For this past Women’s History Month, I chose to celebrate black women teachers by interviewing, and providing headshots for a handful of teachers across New Orleans. This project was done in collaboration with a local organization called BeLite.

8 Votes

Attending predominantly white schools for 12 years I never learned that I was beautiful and rich with culture. I am now attending an HBCU and I’ve learned more about my people than I ever have. I feel enlightened with a

136 Votes

The Descripition will be that by Amia Zackery-Simms

2 Votes

This project is all about Black Lives Matter through the colors I use, and the words I write. This issue is very important to me being a African american woman and we have to take action together as a community.

2 Votes

Black lives matter fist colored brown with BLM symbol on the palm colored in black an there is cursive writting on the top and both the left side and right side

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1 Votes

Blm, racial violence

4 Votes

i drew a blm fist to show how the black community is threatened with the police or community

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The inner workings of a depressed soul. Check in with your loved ones about their mental heath.

57 Votes
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