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Adulting 101: The Basics of Adult Life

    • Adulting 101: The Basics of Adult Life

      Everything you want to know (or maybe don’t want to know, but should) about life after high school.

      We talk about how we can’t wait to be “grown” all the time. In fact, most of us have been anticipating this moment since we were in elementary school, from playing dress-up in your older sibling’s or parent’s closets, to trying to listen in on adult conversations, to wanting to make your own money. But real talk: Adulting is weird and confusing. Turns out there is a lot more to it than simply dressing up or having money to spend.

      One of the key components of adulthood is the ability to balance—balance time, money, health, wellness, relationships, and so much more. Once you master the art of balance in your life, it certainly becomes a little easier to manage. But balance is hard to achieve when so much is new and unfamiliar.

      Adulting 101 is designed to help you familiarize yourself with some of the basics of adult life, gather skills that might help along your journey, and achieve the balance all of us need so much. We also hope to facilitate open and honest discussions about some of the changes and challenges you are experiencing.

      The truth about adulthood is that no one actually knows what they’re doing. Most adults learned from mistakes— whether their own or those of friends and family—and they’re still learning!

      So let’s learn together. What Adulting topics do you want us to cover here on the XQ Forum? Join our community, and add your ideas!

    • So glad you asked! As an adult, who lives alone and can’t figure out how to properly grocery shop. Something practical like this, how do you grocery shop for 1? How do you do laundry? Even small things like how do you run errands and balance this with chores and work, and working out? Work/life balance is the phrase!

    • Life-long learning is also a synonym for adulting. Mastering the art of balance is my life goal.

    • Navigating the world of finances. Taxes, loans, credit, how to make a home budget. The basics but essentials!

    • Time Management & knowing responsibilities, Money Management, and knowing how to adapt in a college or work environment.

    • Too often, the biggest barriers to academic success have very little to do with academics.  Rather, they usually deal with basic human needs, like food, housing and transportation.

      I would be happy to contribute content (and resources) addressing these and other “adulting” issues.

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