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Armed Forces, Explained.

    • Armed Forces, Explained.

      Seeking ways to serve your country or just curious about the armed forces? Start here.

      The decision to become a real-life super hero by joining the military isn’t an easy one. The honor and glory embedded in serving your country and fellow citizens also allows you to the world, meet diverse types of people, and access some of America’s greatest initiatives around home security and protection. Whether you’re looking for leadership opportunities, a pathway towards your post-secondary studies or even citizenship, there are many ways your future can benefit from military service. If you’re wondering what goes into the decision to serve, or the degree of patriotism one must have to sustain life in the military, check out these videos below from Driving Force Institute.

      Only five times in U.S. history has the demand for troops outweighed the supply of soldiers needed for war.

      Selective Service may only pertain to men but more women than ever are choosing to join the military.

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