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Black Wall Street and the Quest for Financial Freedom

    • Black Wall Street and the Quest for Financial Freedom

      Expand your appreciation for Black history by exploring the many facets of Tulsa’s “Black Wall Street.”

      Black Americans have fought for justice since this country’s inception. This Juneteenth, honor that history by stepping outside the standard Black history canon and delving into the joys of Black histories that are missing from our history books. I suggest starting with Black Wall Street. The 35-square block area located in the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, paved the way for Black communities and businesses everywhere to thrive. It is important to look at the history of Black Wall Street to understand its economic legacy.

      As we plan for our day of light-hearted celebration, let’s also keep in mind that the freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution have not all been awarded to Black people, including financial freedom. As we celebrate Black success and Black Joy, let’s also protect Black life and Black futures. Let’s continue to address the bias and discrimination we encounter and advocate for the freedoms we have yet to gain in order to uplift the Black community, both as members of the community and as allies. Sometimes that means stepping outside our comfort zone to uncover the truth about American history and equip the next generation with the knowledge to continue the struggle.



      Step Outside the Black History Canon This Juneteenth

      Celebrate Black history in its totality this Juneteenth. This blog post uses Black Wall Street the board game to encourage readers to learn about BSW, the Tulsa Massacre, and the importance of financial literacy today!

      Black Wall Street Curriculum

      Truvel created this to develop and empower our next generation of community entrepreneurs. It is a 5-week program that includes courses on macro and micro-economics, entrepreneurship, and a capstone project.

      HBO’s Watchmen

      The series is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, home of the Tulsa race riot of 1921, which has been called “the single worst incident of racial violence in American history.” The series focuses on racial injustice happening in modern day Tulsa.

      The Devastation of Black Wall Street

      This article details the events leading up to the Tulsa Massacre. It also describes how amazing Black Wall Street actually was and what it meant to have a Black community that operated so successfully. Black families owned their own planes! WHATTTTTTTT???!!!

    • If you’re anything like me, you have piles of books that you’re excited to read and a robust library to share with your friends and family. One great way to support Black-owned businesses that has resonated with me is to buy from Black-owned bookstores! Here’s a great list of 53 to get you started and embedded are lists of books to become more informed on Black history and social justice. https://www.cntraveler.com/story/black-owned-bookstores

    • Yes @Katelyn! I love that you’re bringing attention to this. One of my favorites rappers, Noname, started a bookclub a few years ago to elevate the voices of authors of color. Two books a month are selected and the community can read and engage in discussion together! From all over the nation! It’s a pretty cool community and change to engage with folks reading the same books as you from all over, especially now in our socially distanced world.

      Here is her website as well: https://www.nonamebooks.com

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How can you support Black owned businesses in order to help recreate the wealth that was stolen, burned, and lost over the course of the history of Black commerce?

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