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Dear Class of 2020 Project

    • Dear Class of 2020 Project

      Reflect and connect with fellow seniors from across the country who’ve been going through the same Class of 2020 experience.

      The Gist

      Dear Class of 2020, You’ve worked hard to get to graduation. You deserve not only to be celebrated, but also to participate in a quintessential rite of passage.

      We know how creative you are. We’re asking you to help us find the words, take the photos, produce the videos, so that no one forgets the resilience you’ve shown over the last 13 years, especially the last 4 months.

      What are your hopes and fears? Tell us how you’re feeling.

      The List

      Here are three options to channel your spirit and ingenuity. Choose one or do them all!

      Option 1 – Post a Message in the XQ Forum. Reply with a brief (or long) message in our Forum. You can also simply share amazing student examples you find online.

      Option 2 – Post a Photo on Instagram. Post a photo on Instagram, write a “Dear Class of 2020…” caption, and use #GraduateTogether and tag @XQAmerica.

      Option 3 – Post a Video on YouTube. Upload a “Dear Class of 2020…” video to YouTube with a brief description; remember to use #GraduateTogether and tag @XQAmerica.

      The Twist

      You’re not alone. To produce your video, team up with other students. Students who have a lot to say and can write. Students who have been collecting and archiving photos and video clips throughout the year. Students who have video editing and tech skills. Students you just want to share this experience with.

      This is the time to connect and reflect.
      This is the time to #GraduateTogether




      XQ Student Photo & Reflection

      The day Kate’s senior year was canceled, she submitted this photo and reflection for @XQAmerica to post on Instagram.

      To the Senior Class of 2020

      Lauren can’t help but express how she feels, not only as a high school student but, more important, as a speaker during these times of need.

      Dear Class of 2020

      Iggy needed to post “something that kids my age need to hear.”

      A Letter to the Class of 2020

      Alex just decided to do something because she knows how many others are feeling the same.

    • Dear class of 2020 I know it’s hard but we can do this. It is our time. All over the world it’s more and more complicated but if we see just the negative side of things what’s the point. We can’t give up just because we didn’t habe a graduation dosen’t mean we didn’t graduate so be happy you made it.

      love from Romania

    • These 5 High School Grads Named Winners of #GraduateTogether Speaker Awards


    • @lucyb2002 The #classof2020 has shown incredible resilience and leadership during such an unprecedented time in modern history!  The strength, grace, and compassion demonstrated by graduating seniors has been both, inspiring and awe-provoking!  They all have such bright futures ahead, I’m excited to watch what’s next!

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What are your hopes for graduation? Class of 2020, tell us what you’re feeling. Or simply share examples of what’s happening in your school or community.

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