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Equity and the Educator’s Mindset

    • Equity and the Educator’s Mindset

      Explore mindsets and practices that help all students, especially underserved students, to thrive and feel valued.

      More than 80% of K-12 teachers in the United States are White. Teachers don’t always see how race impacts their work in the classroom, or how racism influences what students experience. Richard Milner, professor of education at Vanderbilt University, believes it’s important for educators to talk about race and develop a vocabulary for doing so with their colleagues, so they can work together to give all students the education they deserve. These videos introduce you to Milner’s approach to “educator mindsets” and show how several high schools are addressing equity in new ways.




      Introduction to Educator Mindsets for Equity

      Rich Milner introduces a toolkit for helping teachers look at students, communities, and classrooms.

      Equity vs. Equality

      Teachers at Purdue Polytechnic High School talk about the importance of creating a culture where students feel cared for by adults.

      Aware vs. Avoidant

      Two educators from Boston Public Schools reflect on how an Aware mindset affects their work.

      Asset vs. Deficit

      PSI High teacher Angela Daniel describes how she uses asset framing to support her students to thrive.

      Context-Centered vs. Context-Neutral

      Educators from Latitude High School in Oakland, California, explain how they see connections between the curriculum and students’ lives as key to engagement.

      An Equity Journey

      Educators Seminole County Public Schools in Florida reflect on being able to speak openly about the impacts of systemic racism to build a shared understanding among staff.

      If you’d like a deeper dive, I encourage you to join me and Rich Milner in a free 10-week course for educators: Becoming a More Equitable Educator: Mindsets and Practices on MIT’s edX. You could also listen to our 40+ minute TeachLab podcast.

    • What I valued most when I was a teacher was the ability to talk about race. Our campus leadership did an amazing job to create safe and trusting spaces among staff that lend themselves to being able to have tough, courageous and daring conversations.

    • Not really , in my school we don’t really openly talk about race , it’s usually something that’s just accepted amongst peers

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Do you talk openly about race at your school?

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