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Finding Moments of Joy with Your Family

    • Finding Moments of Joy with Your Family

      Live concerts, musical magic, yoga for the family, inspiring community stories, and more!

      We don’t need to tell you that families are experiencing all sorts of new pressures as you adjust to school closures. Many of us are managing our own work and routines, while also supporting our kids’ learning from home. It’s a lot to handle. That’s where these resources come in. In the midst of the chaos, try to find time for a little joy—on your own or, even better, with your family. Tune in to a live virtual concert, explore the magic of NPR Tiny Desk Concerts, do a family yoga session, or read through some of the inspiring ways communities are coming together right now. Because it’s really true: we’re all figuring this out together.

      Live Virtual Concerts

      NPR’s list of live audio and video streams from around the world, with links out to streaming platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for you and your family to enjoy.

      Superorganism NPR Tiny Desk Concert

      Watch a multinational musical group use household objects like buckets of water, apples, and shoes to create a unique musical experience.

      Yoga for Kids

      Join Alissa Kepas for a 15 minute guided yoga class for the whole family.

      10 Things That Inspired Us Amid The Coronavirus Crisis

      Crowdsourced stories of schools, musicians, and community leaders helping their communities.

    • Our family has been loving the live poetry readings on nightpoems.com every night.

    • We’re making “movie nights” feel more theatrical – no phones allowed, popping popcorn, and maybe even candy (which is usually not allowed)!

    • This is really fun. Tiny Desk Concerts, FTW!

      Things we’ve found fun: planning and prepping the yard for a clubhouse, tackling puzzles with way too many pieces on rainy days, timing one mile runs for challenging each other (and meeting swim team practice requirements without a pool), learning how to bake our own sandwich and sourdough bread, watching way too many Marvel movies, and making daily use of the fire pit.

      Not sure my kids consider it fun necessarily, but the adults are finding joy in tackling home projects that have been sitting undone for years.

    • Alvin Ailey offers free and donation-based dance classes daily, and we’re cultivating an herb garden (works for window or outdoor if you have the space).

    • I also wrote this lesson plan on delivering joy as a young person during this time: https://www.morningsidecenter.org/teachable-moment/lessons/delivering-joy-moment

    • Have you watched School of Rock recently? Watched last night with my son and laughed and cried simultaneously. I want to have it declared the official movie of XQ Super Schools!

    • This is a challenging time, but it’s also been a unique opportunity to more deeply engage with one another. My husband daughter, and I are really enjoying taking turns leading 20-minute workouts or yoga in the morning, playing lots of boardgames (particularly those where my 8 year old can be the banker and work on her math skills), watching painting videos and creating our own masterpieces, and working through 90s movies (my husband and I are nostalgic) with lots of blankets and snacks. We are also cooking and baking SO MUCH more, which is a good stretch for me and lots of fun for my daughter. Banana bread, anyone?

    • @Carri! I love Tiny Desk Concerts so much. We watch them at our house, too!

      We’ve also been making sure to designate some no-screen time where we’re not distracted by social media, TV…you name it.

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