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Register, Vote, Get Involved

    • Register, Vote, Get Involved

      Democracy works best when we all participate. These reliable, nonpartisan sources make voting easier.

      Want to register to vote or check your voter registration status? Find your polling place? Receive election reminders so you don’t forget? Or get involved in registering voters and encouraging others to vote? Then check out these three organizations, all strictly nonpartisan.

      When We All Vote works to encourage more people to vote in every election, close race and age voting gaps, and fight for fair, safe, and accessible voting for all Americans. I Am a Voter aims to create a cultural shift around voting and civic engagement; they’re also monitoring election changes related to Covid-19 in states around the country. (And if you want to reach out to your friends about voting, I Am a Voter offers a great Instagram social share set.) Voto Latino is working to unite and empower the Latinx community around the importance of voting.

      Let’s face it. Voters age 18-29 are historically less likely to turn out than voters in older age groups, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Elections matter. It’s time to get involved and help spread the word.




      When We All Vote

      Register to vote, pledge to vote, or check your voter registration status to make sure you’re ready to vote.

      I am a voter

      Voting resources grounded around a central truth: “our democracy works best when we all participate.”

      Voto Latino

      Pledge to vote, learn about voting safety during C-19, attend or host a virtual event, and explore the issues you’ll be voting on.

    • I am a first time voter. My question is, if I move to a different state, would I have to re-register or once I’m registered, I’m registered?

    • Voting procedures and polling places are being updated in real time – get registered, stay informed, and vote!

    • You can always register again through the dmv or using any of the resources listed just to be sure. I make sure to register every time I move and go to the DMV to update my address.

    • Hi Ian,

      Congratulations on this huge and important step! You’re making your voice heard and strengthening our democracy. You ask a really great question. Once you are registered to vote, you do not need to do it again as long as you continue to vote (though it’s always good to double check that you’re still on the rolls). However, you DO have to vote in your home state or request an absentee ballot. Here’s some information on mail-in absentee ballots: https://www.usa.gov/absentee-voting If you register to vote in one state and then, permanently move to another, you need to change your voter registration to that new state. Here’s some info on that: https://www.usa.gov/change-voter-registration

      Many people think of voting as a presidential election, every four years, event. But, there are super important decisions being made at the state and local levels all the time. Voting in your own state allows you to vote on local elections that directly affect your community.

      Again, so cool that you will be voting for the first time! Spread the word with your friends to also register to vote. The voices of young people are so important. You’re the future and you should shape it as you see fit!

    • How are people thinking about preparing to vote during this pandemic? Voting by mail? Are there any good resources for planning?

    • I have always been a huge fan of Rock the Vote because they are a nonpartisan nonproft that is focused on helping young people exercise their voice by understanding their political power.  They provide tons of resources for students to learn how they can vote in their state and also provides links so they can directly register to vote.  It’s a powerful tool for youth, civic engagement.

    • Why do you think people between 18-29 vote less and how can we help change this?

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