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Serving Students with Special Needs Remotely

    • Serving Students with Special Needs Remotely

      Let’s help each other unlock the power of students who learn differently–and are at home.

      You may be wondering what school closings mean for students with learning differences and disabilities to have to learn at home for a while. As we continue to build our understanding together, here are a few resources to help you think through instruction and support students in getting the special education services they need.




      Success Plans

      Ten guiding principles that define effective success plans.

      NCLD Forward Together

      Rigorous research conducted to frame the challenges in evidence, identify critical mindsets and essential practices, and map a way forward.


      Tips and best practices for educators figuring out how to help students and families get special education services.

      eLearning Coalitions

      Resources to support students with IEPs and resources to create and curate accessible educational materials.

    • For students who are super-sensitive to routine, don’t feel like you have to recreate their *school* routines. A home-specific schedule can provide the same kind of support but doesn’t obligate parents to mimic the school day. It’s okay to have routinely scheduled “classes” on breakfast or walking the dog in addition to reading and science. In fact, reading recipes – or even cereal boxes! – can turn breakfast into a learning moment. And a dog walk is a chance to talk about animal biology (dogs) or city/regional planning (what you see on your walk).

    • Working with your student’s teacher and other students in their classes who also have special needs is a way to build in the routine of familiarity. A potential conference call or phone call to make connections can help with the need for social interaction. Maybe even a homework hour with a conference call could be a DIY solution?

    • I wrote this lesson plan as a suggestion for rethinking how we access learning during the pandemic (and beyond): https://www.morningsidecenter.org/teachable-moment/lessons/i-learned-it-homeschool-plans-learning-during-covid-19

    • Our rapid shift to virtual platforms has really brought to light the critical importance of consistent parent communication, particularly in a remote setting. Assigning a specific time for a support block, especially when most of the remote learning day happens asynchronous year, without basing it on parent schedules or set computer times is recipe for missed lessons and frustrations. We can’t forget that siblings and parents might need that computer!

      Working with parents and guardians, we can ensure “best times” for lessons, but also open the door for more on-going collaboration.

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What are some do-it-yourself online supports and other free resources you’d recommend to help to serve students with special needs? Don’t be shy with your DIY solution. We all could use a good success story!

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