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Thinking Ahead to Summer and Fall

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    • Thinking Ahead to Summer and Fall

      Join our conversation about the challenges educators will face this summer and fall as schools reopen, and how to address them.

      Educators around the country have been deep in conversation about the effects of Covid-19 and school closures, and about what to expect as schools reopen. Although it’s not easy to look ahead in the midst of uncertainty, the right practices, proper planning, and attention to detail can help school leaders plan for the future and even create something trailblazing. What’s a good place to start? In conversation with XQ’s Meg Stephens, MIT professor Justin Reich helps school leaders answer that question.


      Justin Reich

      Director, MIT Teaching Systems Lab
      Justin Reich is an education researcher on the future of learning in a networked world. He is director of the MIT Teaching Systems Lab, which investigates the complex, technology-rich classrooms of the future and the systems we need to help educators thrive in those settings.

      Meg Stephens

      XQ Institute
      Meg Stephens is a member of the State and Local Partnerships team at XQ Institute.




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