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Does Voting Matter? Find Out With Logan Browning

    • Does Voting Matter? Find Out With Logan Browning

      Social change can’t be accomplished if we work alone. Bottom line: voting matters. And it matters to you, even if you’re not 18 yet.

      You can make a difference through the combination of your voice, your perspective, and your vision for the future. Talk to the people you know—and even those you don’t. Encourage them to register and to vote. Tell them why it matters to you. There’s a powerful kind of magic when we ask those around us to think, work, and vote collectively.

      Logan Browning is known for using her voice. She is a committed activist and believes it’s important to be politically outspoken. In short, she cares about voting. She also thinks it’s essential for young people to get out there and be part of the action: “Look at the news now,” she says, “and see that young people are the voices.”

      Through an interactive session with Logan and two high school students from DaVinci RISE High, led by teacher Lauren “Lo” Murray, learn the history of voting rights and how to increase voter awareness. You’ll leave this session ready to have conversations that increase voter turnout and motivate people to exercise the precious right to vote.


      Watch “Your Vote Is Your Voice”

      Megan Rapinoe shares the urgency and importance of using your vote as your voice, at XQ’s #GraduateTogether.

      Register, Vote, Get Involved

      Elections matter. It’s time to get involved and help spread the word.

      Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

      Logan Browning shares how it takes change to enact change.

      Meet the Team

      Logan Browning

      Logan Browning is a Georgia native who began her professional acting career at 14 years old. Logan is currently in production on her fourth season as Samantha White in the Netflix Original Series Dear White People, for which she received two individual NAACP Image Awards nominations for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series. Logan uses her platform to advocate for the representation and rights of BIPOC, women, voters, and much more. She is a writer/journalist and has dreams of broadening her resume into a career as a filmmaker and guides mindful meditations in her spare time. Her mission in life is to amplify the voices of the unheard, to be a woman of service to communities in need, and to leave a meaningful legacy through her art and activism.

      Kijera Williams

      RISE student
      Kijera has just finished her first year at RISE. She loves to write poetry and try new recipes, and she is extremely passionate about LA’s housing crisis and specifically advocates for those experiencing homeless.

      Zakariyah Noah

      RISE student
      Zakariyah is a recent graduate, Class of 2020, from Da Vinci RISE High. He is a creator and lover of music, writing, and individualism, and he hopes to promote personal uniqueness and the universal, uniting power of love in his future endeavors.

      Lauren Murray

      RISE teacher
      Lauren “Lo” Murray is a founding English teacher at Da Vinci RISE High. She strives to incorporate equity and inclusion in her curriculum and instruction. She is passionate about inspiring students to read for fun, so you can always find her reading to find books to add to her ever growing classroom library!

    • 2001 was the first election that I was able to cast a ballot – as an elected student representative I helped register voters on campus at San Francisco State University. At the time I was a fan of Ralph Nadar who didn’t make it to the ballot, but I found the process of engaging in conversations and registration across campus  (some difficult and some really good vibes) a positive experience.  I also met a friend that is still a real one 19 years later! You never know who you will meet and what connections you will make. VOTING MATTERS! I would love to chat with Zakariah or Kijera if they were canvassing in my neighborhood!

    • The first time I registered voters was at a table in front of the supermarket in my small hometown when I was 16 years old. A few people challenged me a little because they knew I wasn’t old enough to vote myself, but it was perfectly legal and they got over it! I think I registered about 10 people that day.

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