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Ways To Save The Planet

    • Ways To Save The Planet

      Climate change is very real, but even small, personal changes can have a huge impact.

      Have you ever thought about your carbon footprint?It’s the mark you leave on our planet based on your everyday choices. Our habits, cultural and regional traditions, and choices all influence the size of that mark. There are many ways to decrease your impact by being more mindful of what is in your control, educating others, and giving back to our community to help curb the negative habits of others. Whether you’ve adopted a highway or vowed to never use plastic straws, every action counts. We should leave the planet better than we found it and the planet deserves our attention right now, more than ever.

      We’re sharing a couple of changes and ideas for you to consider on our quest to shrink your carbon footprint, save the world, and get the planet in better shape.
      Did you know the average American consumes 50 chickens a year or that a single cow produces up to 260 pounds of methane a year?

      Can we do more? Can you start in your own community to change this?

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How will you mobilize your community to save the planet?

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