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Why is writing important for students?


    • Given the tech-centric world we live in—it often feels like a rigorous language arts education needs to take a back seat to a more technical STEM-focused education. While developing strong writing skills has its obvious returns—an engaging and well-written email is much more fun to read than a confusing and convoluted one—educators and students should make writing a larger focus in all their course work. To me, writing—especially creative writing exercises—helps students reflect on their world, probe philosophical questions, and develop a clear understanding of how to share their story with others. No matter what field you students decide to pursue, having a desire to write and reflect is essential to creating a more just future.

      What do you think? Is writing important for students who even have proclivities for STEM classes? How can you help your students draw parallels between linguistics and coding?

      Let us know in the comments below!

    • Scholar Alfred Tatum states that writing leads to a meaningful exchange of text.  Ensuring that students can not only express their lived experiences through writing but also create compelling arguments to advocate for themselves and their communities is a critical skill that all educators are responsible for cultivating.  It is not enough for students to be consumers of information; they must also be producers – regardless of discipline or interest. High-quality writing skill development is the pathway to that goal.

    • I believe, the answer is obvious.

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