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  • Code Like No One Is Watching

    Learn to code on your own with these online tools and courses!

    Have you always wanted to learn how to code but haven’t taken a computer science class? Or do you already know how and want to develop an app while stuck at home? These online resources offer you the chance to take your education into your own hands. As you know, learning is an interconnected process. Deepening your knowledge in one subject often betters your understanding of another. As you master the basics of computer science, your math and language skills will grow simultaneously. From short coding tutorials to full courses complete with webinars, these resources help you take you to new places as a creator of digital content.





    Two courses for computer science beginners that introduce foundational CS concepts to students and explain how tech and computing impact the world.

    Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Academy

    Free computer science courses and webinars for high school students.

    Girls Who Code

    Weekly activities—both online and off—complete with features on women in tech.


    I am not a coder myself, but my brother is. Math, design, building legos, and video games were a base for him to become a great developer.

    Other cool resources I like:

    Hour of Code is a really fun way to start that doesn’t feel overwhelming. You can click on the grade levels to find activities for grades 9-12.

    I just noticed that Girls Who Code offers a translator app that lets you use its resources in other languages—Canadian French and Hindi, for now. Very cool.

    💻 Outschool has supplemental classes for coding and tech for ages 14-18.

    🗣 Outschool is making $1,000,000 worth of classes available for free to families in the U.S. who have been impacted by school closures and are facing financial hardship. Register for Financial Assistance.


    The code.org resource is super interesting as you dive down the rabbit hole of computer science discoveries there is a whole course outline and syllabus. Keep scrolling and find curriculum resources made up of daily lesson plans, activities, videos, assessments, and computing tools, allowing teachers to guide and learn alongside students as they discover core concepts.

    These are such fantastic resources for students, particularly for our under-resourced populations. As someone who handles social media for a number of education organizations, I would be excited to share these resources out when they are ready. Most of us are feeling disconnected. This is a great way for learners to plug into a new part of themselves and gain exciting new skills—while being creative!

    Lol. Reading this when finishing my capstone project for engineering on xcode!!! Check out Epicured when it launches!!!

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Did skills from other subjects help you become a coding master? What overlaps did you notice?

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