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    Here’s a place to share and discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on your life.

    We’re all living through a cultural and historical moment together, but that doesn’t mean it’s affecting us all in the same way. Each of us has a unique story to tell, and sharing that story can inform and inspire others. Take a look at the resources below to see how some high school students are expressing themselves. Then use the forum below to share your story, in whatever medium works for you.




    Life After School Closures

    High school students across the country share their initial reactions to school closures in the early days of remote learning.

    How Coronavirus Is Impacting Me As A High School Senior

    High school senior Roxie Richner shares how school closures have impacted her life.

    Racism Against Asian-Americans In The Wake of COVID-19

    High school sophomore Katrina Chan describes her experiences with racism as an Asian-American.

    @XQAmerica on Instagram

    XQ’s Instagram channel features “by students, for students” photojournalism


    We’re hearing stories about how teachers are helping right now. Do you have a story about something one of your teachers has done to help you as a student—an idea other teachers could learn from?


    Just got done reading all of these and WOW! It’s crazy how we are all in this together, but experiencing completely different hurdles. As a photographer myself, the #ByStudentsForStudents photos are one of my favorite mediums to see reflection through.

    Storytelling is so powerful, and I encourage EVERYONE—no matter who you are—to take some time to write. It’s truly thinking and reflecting onto paper, and sharing your thoughts and story with the world!

    Stories are one of the greatest lifelines of (a) culture. Storytelling unifies us, regardless of whether the stories we’re witnessing are similar to our own or drastically different. It’s magical to think of ourselves as the griots, historians and ancestors to the generations to follow. I’m inspired to be more disciplined about my own writing!

    I’ve enjoyed using the StoryCorps app to capture audio stories with my family.

    I really appreciated all of these stories and it feels really good to know I am not alone.  Coping with all of the changes and rethinking how we interact is overwhelming but also feels is a great opportunity to let go and create a new way to live and adapt. A growth mindset makes everything possible as we all try and get creative.

    The personal stories of students are so powerful and provide necessary insights into the worries, fears, and challenges facing our young people during this difficult time and how educators can help alleviate them. These resources are wonderful windows into the experiences of high schoolers. I would add a resource looking at college students, particularly low-income, first-generation learners, who can be particularly affected by the ramifications of COVID-19. The University of Chicago To&Through Project began releasing podcast interviews with college students from Chicago who are “navigating the current rupture in their educational journeys.” The first episode deals with questions like: As a college student, what does it mean in the time of COVID-19 to not have strong internet for digital learning? What does it mean to need to put the support of your family first? To have parents who are considered essential workers and who can’t read college communications because they don’t speak the language? What happens when you’ve lost your student job? How do you take care of your mental health? These questions and so many more are on the minds of college-goers (and may high school students). Definitely worth listening to, following for new episodes, and sharing with those who need to know they are not alone.


    Thanks for these great additions, suggestions, and examples!

    For student voice, check out: https://hundred.org/en/innovations/xtalksworldlistens

    For student choice, check out:


    I’m the proud co-founder of both. Ask me anything.

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