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We are Remote School Leaders:
Washington Leadership Academy Shares What They’ve Learned

Learn from this high-functioning school team about how they’ve transitioned to serving the social, emotional, and academic needs of each student in a time of remote learning.

How do educators step up and lead together as they plan for the immediate and longer-term future of remote learning for students and staff? In this session, Stacy Kane and four members of the Washington Leadership Academy team will talk through how they created a strategy to serve the unique social, emotional, and academic needs of each student. What’s essential when it comes to instruction and wrap-around services in remote learning? How do you incorporate the perspectives of both teachers and students in your planning? What do teachers and students say is working during this transitional time? Listen in to their discussion, then post your questions to the team on the forum.

Joining the conversation are several members of the Washington Leadership Academy team:
Eric Collazo, principal
Molly Graham, mental health coordinator and social worker
Christina Moore, director of student services and special education
Mark Deegan, technology and innovation director

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