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A district-led partnership to transform high schools.

What does the future of learning look like in Tulsa, Oklahoma?


How Does Tulsa Beyond Rethink High School?

Tulsa Beyond is a district-led partnership focused on empowering school communities to transform their local high schools by creating relevant, innovative learning opportunities that prepare all students for a rapidly-changing future. Teams from the district’s four lowest-performing high schools—including teachers, students, families, and community members—have embarked on this ambitious process of discovery and design using the XQ Knowledge Modules, meeting weekly to ask tough questions and dream big. They’ve examined student performance data, identified community assets, and explored inequities through an in-depth audit. They shared their designs to motivate school-wide buy-in and support. The goal is to create personalized, student-centered high schools that truly prepare students to thrive in the 21st century.

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