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Meet Some XQ Students

HI, I’m Morgan.
Furr High School
“My school focuses on environmental justice. I feel really honored I’ve been given this opportunity. I want to show everyone how bad it is, but also how we can all make a difference. I get to be active environmentally and educate people about what’s going on. ”
Hi, I'm Lacie.
PSI High
“My team designed, prototyped, and built animal enrichment games with the Central Florida Zoo in our Digital Information course. I learned about the science of animal behaviors when designing the devices, geometry and ratios in building the devices, and communication skills when pitching and presenting the team’s ideas.”
Hi, I’m Kya.
Latitude High School
“At our school, I get to be myself. We have a lot of freedom here. We can explore without getting judged. Here, you can be anyone you want to be. I want to be myself. I want to be a leader, not a follower. I want to be my own person.”
Hi, I’m DeAnthony.
PP High School
“I want people to realize that the only limitations they have, should be the ones they set. No one can tell you that you can’t do something or you shouldn’t be able to do it, just because of your identity. Creative writing helps me see the big picture.”
Hi, I’m Caitie.
Iowa BIG
“I led the completion of a partner project to provide people with disabilities an outdoor space to safely and meaningfully enjoy nature. Our student team researched ADA compliance, designed the spaces, pitched our ideas, raised over $17,000, and even incorporated solar technology. Campers can now enjoy an ADA compliant concrete path and raised garden beds containing fruit bearing perennials to pick, eat, and share.”
Hi, I’m Mervin.
New Harmony High
“I like volunteering and helping others. At New Harmony, I get to do that a lot, like when I hosted a community presentation at the Global Green Center in the Lower Ninth Ward about the consequences of global sea-level rise.”


#MakeASongChallenge featuring SOL Development

We are inviting students (ages 13-21) to enter the first XQ #MakeASongChallenge for a chance to work with the Oakland-based hip hop and R&B quartet SOL Development. How? Create an original song or lyric that touches on issues important to you.

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