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The many-faceted career of cellist Yo-Yo Ma testifies to his continual search for new ways to communicate with audiences, and to his personal desire for artistic growth and renewal. In addition to his performance schedule his calendar includes activities, meetings and performances with people and organizations that continue to inspire. Mr. Ma maintains a balance between his engagements as soloist with orchestras worldwide and his recital and chamber-music activities. His discography includes over 100 albums, including 19 Grammy-award winners. He is the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Judson and Joyce Green Creative Consultant, artistic advisor to the Kennedy Center, artistic director of Silkroad, and a United Nations Messenger of Peace. In 2001, he received the National Medal of Arts; in 2010, the Presidential Medal of Freedom; and in 2011, he was a Kennedy Center Honoree.

Emerson Collective

XQ works in direct collaboration with Emerson Collective, which is dedicated to removing barriers to opportunity so people can live to their full potential. Established and led by Laurene Powell Jobs, Emerson’s work focuses on education, immigration reform, the environment, and other social justice initiatives. XQ is an independent affiliate of Emerson Collective.

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No matter where you are today & what you want to achieve, going to college is the best way to help ensure a bright future.

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These six principles, updated in fall 2019 to reflect lessons learned since our launch in 2015, are fundamental to every XQ school.

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The next generation must learn to adapt to a changing world. The five XQ learner goals aim to develop students who are deeply engaged in their own learning and fully prepared for all that the future has to offer.