Be expansive in your search, looking beyond the expected pool of candidates. You may want to tap into your existing networks and partnerships to find the right people.
Look for educators who have deep knowledge about content and are collaborative, rigorous, and committed to your specific mission.
Recruiting teachers is a key component of starting your school.
Agility and diversity are more important than ever.
FACT: Student demographics and the workplace of the future are changing rapidly.
A school is only as good as its people. How will you find the best human resources for your super school?
Everyone has a story of a teacher who inspired them — someone who opened up their world and set them on a journey of exploration. Recruiting the right educators is essential to the success of any super school. How will your school develop its human resource mission? How will you engage diverse, knowledgeable, skilled, committed educators to bring your school design to life?
Once you have a design you believe in, it’s time to bring all your great ideas to life. Map out a formidable plan for turning your school idea into reality. For more information and inspiration, download the full module.
What roles will teachers, leaders, and other adults play in your school? What specialized knowledge and skills will they need? What are your plans for staff recruitment? What sources will you explore? How will you enlist nontraditional educators to optimize your school design? How will you foster a strong professional learning community and promote continuous learning and improvement? What barriers do you anticipate, and how will you overcome them?