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Module 8

Talent and Training

How can schools identify, attract, develop, and retain the very best people?

Recruiting the right staff is the first step in building an excellent team.

Great schools establish strong, ongoing systems to help educators work together, learn together, and continuously get better at what they do.

Every school needs an intentional human capital strategy. Great educators have a profound impact on the future of our young people and our society. They deserve respect, recognition, and support. To reach their highest potential, educators—including school leaders, classroom teachers, and nontraditional teachers—need to be supported to do their absolute best to ensure each student’s success.

Schools need systems designed to recruit a diverse team of stellar individuals, build their skills, enable them to work together collaboratively, and develop their leadership capacity.

Questions to Explore and Discuss:

  1. How can teachers, leaders, and other professionals work together to make an excellent school? What specialized knowledge and skills do they need?
  2. How can a school assemble a diverse and capable staff who share its philosophy and ambition?
  3. What do nontraditional educators—mentors, artists, youth workers, business people, and others—have to offer? How can they be meaningfully involved?
  4. How can an existing school engage current staff in transitioning to a redesigned model? What’s needed to prepare faculty, earn their trust, and encourage them to contribute?
  5. How can a school foster a strong professional learning community that prizes excellence and equity, and promotes continuous learning and improvement?