XQ Road Show

2015 September-December Nationwide

Immediately after our launch in September 2015, we took XQ on the road to connect with young people, families, educators, and business and civic leaders—anyone interested in learning more about rethinking high school. Starting in New York City, the XQ Roadshow visited nine cities in four months, where we asked community members to voice their hopes for what high school could be and invited them to come together to make their hopes a reality. We hosted student roundtables in each city, and through the WE THINK video booth, we captured and amplified the voices of young people, teachers, and parents across the country.

In city after city, people gathered to unite around a common cause. We saw individuals band together to organize themselves and begin working to reach their goals for high school transformation. We saw youth voice become a beacon of aspiration and innovation, in the places we visited and in countless communities around the country.