XQ Yearbook

2021 May-June Nationwide

It’s time to come together, again. The XQ Yearbook is the place to join thousands of high school students and make your mark.

The XQ Yearbook honors and invites all high school students to join what we hope will be the largest digital yearbook, ever. Building off the inaugural Graduate Together Yearbook where we honored over 18,000 graduating seniors in the wake of COVID-19, the XQ Yearbook is dreaming even bigger—bringing all high school students into the fold.

This nationwide initiative was created by XQ Institute and the Inside Out Project. We know that we can do big things when we do them together. For every valid submission, XQ will donate $2 in support of student mental health. Let’s do this.

XQ Yearbook On the Road

Brooklyn, New York

On May 27th, we took over the block for an all day celebration of Brooklyn LAB’s first graduating class! Between food trucks, interviews with students of all grades, and JR’s Inside Out photo truck, students found themselves and their peers in life sized portraits plastered on the side of their own school building.

Rhode Island

XQ hit the road in Rhode Island where students had an opportunity to close out the school year with their friends, teachers, and community. We celebrated new beginnings while students took life sized portraits through JR’s photo truck, reflected on the past year, and submitted to the XQ Yearbook. Check out this local story about Ponaganset High School!

Washington, D.C.

We made our way to the nation’s capital to celebrate the Washington Leadership Academy community! Students came together, many for the first time all school year, and left with their portraits hanging high on their school building—marking the end of one year and the start of something new.