We at XQ believe that high schools are the fulcrum for educational transformation. Change high schools, and you change the entire system, from kindergarten through college.

Schools should be at the center of community revitalization, and decisions about schools are made by local school board members. But do you even know what school boards do? Do you know who your local school board members are? Do you know what they are responsible for?

Far too often, the answer to these questions is, “No.” If that’s your answer, you are not alone. We are here with you—to help you see the power and possibility of school boards.

This four-part guide will empower you to:

  • Educate yourself about local schools and how they are doing
  • Attend school board meetings, ask questions, and speak up for change
  • Vote in school board elections for candidates who share your concerns
  • Maybe even serve as a school board member yourself

And if you already are a school board member, this guide will help you lead high school transformation in your community.

School boards are charged with creating the conditions for neighborhoods to thrive and with enabling schools and educators to fuel the hopes and dreams of every student and family. School board members are the rightful guardians of every community’s future. They need to hear your voice.

Very truly yours,

Russlynn Ali
Chief Executive Officer, XQ Institute


School Boards Demystified

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