Author: Edward Montalvo

Students gathered and forming a circle in a high school park

Teaching & Learning

Beyond Field Trips: Bringing Place-Based Learning to the Classroom

We need to build classrooms without walls. It sounds antithetical to our assumptions about school. After all, a school is where you go to learn, and classrooms are where teachers…

Group of students in a library seat on a rounded white table

High School & Society

Supporting Our Libraries: Insights from a High School Librarian

When I was hired as the English teacher at PSI High, an XQ Super School, my school leader encouraged me to build a classroom library. I started with graphic…

Female teacher in pink blouse fostering classroom culture by instructing students joyfully and using visual learning tools

Teaching & Learning

Educator Tips on Enhancing Classroom Culture

Subscribe to the XQ Xtra Newsletter One of the first steps in developing a classroom management strategy is establishing a guideline for expectations and behaviors. Whether you’ve been…

Give Me Five Gets A New Look, New Name, and New Expertise

High School Life

Give Me Five Gets A New Look, New Name, and New Expertise

It’s a new year and a new chance for us to help shape the future. My name is Edward Montalvo, the new Senior Education Writer at the XQ Institute. As…

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