Financial Literacy Badge

Learn all the steps to earning, saving, borrowing, and protecting your money.


  • Learn About Getting Paid & Paying Taxes
  • Explore Options for Saving & Growing your Money
  • Master Borrowing Money (Debt, Credit Cards, Loans)
  • Identify Financial Fraud & Scams
Financial Literacy Badge

Financial Literacy Badge. Students who take the course and complete the questions at the end will earn the Financial Literacy Badge. Earn yours, and share your achievement! Click “Login to Enroll” to get started. If you don’t have a Rethink Together account already, you can get one here

Financial Literacy Badge

Here’s a set of activities that will put you on the journey to financial success. Secure a badge to secure the bag! Seriously. Learn the ins and outs of getting paid, paying taxes, and saving and growing your money. Oh, and did you know that online threats can hurt you financially? They can—so find out how to protect yourself.

According to a recent survey, the number one stressor for 73% of Americans are their finances. In their reporting on the findings, CNBC notes that “younger generations are even more stressed out about finances than older generations with the majority of Gen Z’ers (82%) and millennials (81%) saying finances are at least somewhat stressful.”


How can so many people be stressed about finances? Here are two possible reasons:

  1. According to CNBC, “Up until recently, only 17 states required high school students to take a class in personal finance.”
  2. Mastering personal finance requires some fluency in math, a subject that many Americans find difficult.

In this XQ course, defy the statistics by empowering yourself with the knowledge of how to earn, save, borrow, and protect your finances with the help of high school math.

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