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Summit Shasta

Daly City, California

Cultivating purpose alongside personalized learning.

Summit Shasta is fundamentally rethinking high school with a new, highly personalized program that helps every student discover a sense of purpose and pathway to lifelong success.


How Does Summit Shasta Rethink High School?

Summit Shasta leads the way as a laboratory for developing the quality of purposefulness to persist to and through college and beyond, generating lessons that can be shared across the network of Summit Public Schools. At Summit Shasta, not only do students graduate four-year college-ready but also 99% of graduates are accepted to four-year colleges. Plus, students enter postsecondary institutions with credit already accrued: all Summit students earn a passing score on at least one AP exam—a rate four times the national average. To take this to the next level, Summit Shasta’s leaders wanted to ensure their students persisted through the rigors of college. To do this, they designed an integrated, purpose-based curriculum to guide students in creating life plans and a portfolio that culminates in an oral defense to a personal advisory board of student-selected mentors. By offering year-round support and teaching students to explore and develop skills for life after high school, Summit challenges students to consider what their journey looks like and provides systems to get them where they want to go.

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