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Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts (TAPA)

Providence, RI

Cultivating the artist’s mindset with high academic rigor and high love.

Building on its successful performing arts program, TAPA is prioritizing relationships and rigor to further strengthen its academic programs and support college and career readiness.


How Does TAPA Rethink High School?

Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts (TAPA) is a creative powerhouse in Providence, Rhode Island, a city that cultivates the arts in all its forms. TAPA leverages the strengths of its community by inviting adjunct artists to teach and by cultivating the “artist’s mindset” as a means to drive students’ academic, career, collegiate, and social-emotional success. At TAPA, students experience interdisciplinary learning that aligns the arts with core subjects like math, science, and literacy. Students learn to use artists’ skills—like self-reflection, continual practice, creation, collaboration, critical thinking, and community making—to become scholar-artists who use their voices, talents, and lifelong love of learning to transform communities and the world.

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