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Module 7

Networks and Partnerships

How can we expand the boundaries of learning beyond school?

By identifying and building strong relationships with the right partners, schools can open up new opportunities for student learning.

When we bridge the divide between school and community, students gain—and so do their communities.

When schools are embedded within their communities, everyone benefits. Relationships with local organizations, businesses, and institutions of higher education can unlock new learning possibilities for your school and your students.

Let the community become your classroom. Let community partners contribute to student learning. Everyone has a role to play.

Questions to Explore and Discuss

  1. What kinds of experiences enable students to explore potential careers, develop their talents and passions, investigate college options, deepen connections to their community, and access vital social and health services?
  2. Which local businesses and organizations are already working in partnership with schools? Are there untapped resources that could enrich learning?
  3. How can schools connect students with opportunities to contribute to their communities and get involved with projects they care about?
  4. How can partnerships open up additional remote or hybrid learning experiences to students? Are new virtual partnerships possible beyond your local community?