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a student holding the model of a molecule
a student holding the model of a molecule
Module 5

Teaching and Learning

What’s essential for effective learning today?

Learning is most effective and meaningful when students are able to relate what they’re learning to their real lives—and see themselves and their cultures reflected accurately and authentically.

Meaningful, student-centered learning enables young people to build toward mastery. 

To build mastery of knowledge, skills, and competencies, students need to engage with content and participate in learning experiences that are relevant to them and their lives. Learning isn’t just about memorizing and listening to lectures. Students need to feel that learning is relevant to them, affirms their identities, and enables them to make an impact on the world.

When teaching is personalized and varied, students can apply what they learn in the classroom to new contexts and across subject areas. Community resources, technology, and innovative teaching techniques all play a role in helping students reach their highest potential.

  1. What kinds of learning experiences will enable students to gain the knowledge and skills they need to attain mastery and prepare for the future?
  2. How will students demonstrate their learning, and how should their progress be measured and assessed?
  3. How should differences in students’ interests, skills, and learning preferences be accommodated? How can schools help students who are significantly behind catch up, keep up, and excel?
  4. New challenges in education and society often require new modes of instruction. How can teachers learn about and implement new instructional practices in their classrooms?
  5. How can schools support teachers with technology, tailored professional development, and resources to personalize learning?