XQ Music and Activism

Create a song that shines a light on an issue that matters most to you.

internalized Tr@nsfobi@

I recently discovered that i'm Non-binary and was having a lot of sleepless nights because i didn't want to accept it. The middle school and high school i went to was very homophobic and trans-phobic so much that in order to survive and make it through i had internalized beliefs that hid who I was from myself. This song is a big screw you to them and to anyone who is homophobic and or trans-phobic. I love you all, you are valid don't believe what people who aren't you tell you about yourself. You are you and you're beautiful <3

Maya Leone

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Everything You Need

This song is about not caring what people think and knowing that you have the strength to come back from it because you know you have what it takes to do that when you have confidence in yourself.

Leandra Hughes
Black in America (Feet. Paris Simone)

writers, Isaiah Hightower & Paris Simone

Isaiah Hightower

This piece I have composed combines Rustic Black Metal as well as more traditional Germanic acoustic sounds in an effort to truly exonify my personal existential journey whereas I am in a world of which I do not belong. As a culturally and biologically Northern European born in a foreign land, I have long relied upon my own mechanizations to stay afloat so to speak, always struggling to wriggle against the confines that attempt to shut me out. Currently I sit within an industrialized urban landscape, witnessing vicariously the destruction of my spiritual ethnic hearth due to corporate enterprise and human lust birthed from unnatural means of which soon will be the destruction of us all, as is all that opposes the natural way of things. In conclusion, I wrote this song in purest expression of thought and emotional stigma because I am HUMAN.

Dylan Schmeichel