XQ Learner Goals

XQ Learner Goals
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The next generation must learn to adapt to a changing world.

The five XQ learner goals aim to develop students who are deeply engaged in their own learning and fully prepared for all that the future has to offer.

XQ Learner Goals

Developing XQ Learners—students who are deeply engaged in their own learning and fully prepared for all that the future has to offer.
This blueprint illustrates how deep, rigorous, and interconnected XQ learning really needs to be.

XQ Learner Outcome Areas

The XQ Learner Goals are more than aspirational statements.
They comprise concrete, relevant knowledge and skills that all XQ students will master as they prepare for an ever-dynamic, increasingly complex 21st century world.

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Masters of All Fundamental Literacies
Building the academic core necessary to prepare for college, career, and life.
Holders of Foundational Knowledge
Curious people who are knowledgeable about the world. Its history and culture. Its sciences and underlying mathematics. Its biology and cultural currency. Engaged participants who are key to creating a more just and functional democracy—who participate fully in all America has to offer.
Original Thinkers for an Uncertain World
Sense-makers—dealing with conflicting knowledge. Generative thinkers—creating many ideas in ambiguous and new situations. Creative thinkers—reframing, imagining, and seeing problems from different perspectives.
Generous Collaborators
Self-aware team members who bring their strengths. Talent-seekers who find the expertise of others. Essential co-creators—because of what they bring, and how they show up. Inquisitive world citizens who seek out—and respect—diversity and diverse points of view.
Learners for Life
Self-driven, self-directed. Curious learners—about themselves, and the world. Inventors of their own learning paths, careers, and lives.


XQ Design Principles

These six principles, updated in fall 2019 to reflect lessons learned since our launch in 2015, are fundamental to every XQ school.

Knowledge Modules

No matter where you are today & what you want to achieve, going to college is the best way to help ensure a bright future.

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