Learner Outcomes

Today’s young people live in an increasingly complex and changing world

The five XQ Learner Outcomes provide a north star for students—propelling them to engage deeply in their own learning and to master the knowledge and skills to meet the challenges—and opportunities—that their futures hold.
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Masters of All Fundamental Literacies

Building the academic core necessary to prepare for college, career, and life.

Holders of Foundational Knowledge

Curious people who are knowledgeable about the world. Its history and culture. Its sciences and underlying mathematics. Its biology and cultural currency. Engaged participants who are key to creating a more just and functional democracy—who participate fully in all America has to offer.

Original Thinkers for an Uncertain World

Sense-makers—dealing with conflicting knowledge. Generative thinkers—creating many ideas in ambiguous and new situations. Creative thinkers—reframing, imagining, and seeing problems from different perspectives.

Generous Collaborators

Self-aware team members who bring their strengths. Talent-seekers who find the expertise of others. Essential co-creators—because of what they bring, and how they show up. Inquisitive world citizens who seek out—and respect—diversity and diverse points of view.

Learners for Life

Self-driven, self-directed. Curious learners—about themselves, and the world. Inventors of their own learning paths, careers, and lives.

XQ Learner Outcome Areas

XQ Competencies

Derived from the five XQ Learner Outcomes, the XQ Competencies provide an actionable framework to design and deliver relevant and interdisciplinary learning experiences, assess and certify learning, and fulfill meaningful accountability purposes.