XQ Design Principles

XQ Design Principles
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High School Redesign

By redesigning traditional approaches to high school, XQ schools are working to prepare students for a brighter future. These six principles, updated in fall 2019 to reflect lessons learned since our launch in 2015, are fundamental to every XQ school. Each school manifests these principles in its own unique way.

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Strong Mission and Culture
A unifying set of values and principles that provide common purpose, express belief in the potential of every student, and define every aspect of a school.
Meaningful, Engaged Learning
Innovative approaches to curriculum and teaching that use real-world, interdisciplinary learning experiences to enable students to develop and apply deep content knowledge and complex skills.
Caring, Trusting Relationships
Consistent emphasis on truly getting to know students, both inside and outside the classroom, and on building positive relationships among students and between students and adults.
Youth Voice and Choice
An approach to teaching, learning, and an overall school culture that focuses on giving all students opportunities to build their identities as learners and develop the capacity for agency and autonomy.
Smart Use of Time, Space, and Tech
Non-traditional, flexible uses of time, technology, space, place, financial resources, and roles to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning.
Community Partnerships
Powerful partnerships—with community and cultural institutions, business and industry, higher education, nonprofit organizations, and health and service providers—that provide support, real-world experiences, and networking opportunities for students, enabling them to envision and set goals for the future.


Knowledge Modules

No matter where you are today & what you want to achieve, going to college is the best way to help ensure a bright future.

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XQ Learner Goals

The next generation must learn to adapt to a changing world. The five XQ learner goals aim to develop students who are deeply engaged in their own learning and fully prepared for all that the future has to offer.