DC XQ Let's Rethink High Schools
DC XQ Let's Rethink High Schools

Community Partnership with DC Public Schools

“This is an opportunity to partner with XQ and say to our community, help us innovate, help us redefine the high school experience. And I think you take that creative energy and advocacy from the community and force it into new ideas and ways of thinking that we haven’t thought of before and a level of ownership. And buy-in that I think will last us for a very long time and sustain the success that we hope to see from this project.”

Dr. Lewis Ferebee, Chancellor, District of Columbia Public Schools

About the

DC+XQ is a districtwide, community-led initiative that invites students, educators, families, and community partners to come together to rethink the future of high school across DC Public Schools.

We are at a moment of incredible opportunity for thoughtful and lasting change for our schools. Now is the time to reimagine high school learning environments that are rigorous, relevant, and honor all students’ potential and ambition.

By bringing together the vast talent and ingenuity of the DCPS community, DC+XQ will make that vision a reality in every high school.

Over time, all DCPS high schools will experience the redesign process.

DC+XQ Design Journey

Each participating DCPS school team will get guidance, support, and inspiration from DC+XQ as they generate their own unique, innovative plans for high school redesign. An inaugural cohort of schools will be selected in summer 2022 to move on to a design year in SY 2022-23, when they will develop full plans and prepare to launch in SY 2023-24. Explore the redesign roadmap below.

Here in D.C. we can change history by rethinking high school for DCPS students. Add your voice.