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Biography I started my amazing teaching career in Memphis, TN in the summer of 1998 at Raineshaven Elementary school. I loved my first set of third graders and keep in touch with a few of them to this day. I am a 21+ year veteran of public urban education from awesome classroom teacher to innovator of Instructional, virtual, video-based technologies and professional development within the large Memphis urban district. In May of 2018, I took a huge step and moved over to the public charter world of education as Crosstown High’s Edtech Imagineer (Director of Technology) thanks to an amazing tour and bromance with my friend and leader, Chris Terrill. Why "EdTech Imagineer?" It is a combination of my love for Walt Disney World and Educational/Instructional Technology. Crosstown High is what high school should be, a school designed by students for students nestled inside a 1.5 million square foot industrial complex turned vertical urban village (really, this place is so cool). My evolving (as it should be) role is to work with students, teachers and community resources to build out bridges to instructional technology, look for what helps students/teachers and staff, help build out cool stuff like our eSport team, as well as maintaining the school’s Apple devices, hardware and other associated design lab technologies used by the school and it’s teams. As always, more to come…