Student Performance Framework and Competencies

Student Performance Framework and Competencies
Student Performance Framework and Competencies
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A new way to define, capture, and certify learning.

The XQ Student Performance Framework (XQ SPF) defines student success not by test scores or Carnegie units, but by the achievement of meaningful outcomes across academic content, cognitive skills, and social-emotional competencies. The framework provides a new way of “doing school,” from the design of student-level learning experiences, to assessment of student learning and credentialing (see Math Badges below), to an XQ Transcript that certifies students’ successful acquisition of accredited skills and knowledge for graduation. The XQ SPF is designed to work in any state, in any school, and in any outside-of-school education setting. The framework works alongside and integrates with existing state content standards.

At the core of the SPF are the XQ Competencies. Drawn from research and professional expertise, these competencies align with the five XQ Learner Outcomes to articulate a series of skill-based, cognitive, and social-emotional progressions. These competencies offer a new way to assess, document, and certify student learning, reframing core content in terms of active learning and mastery. Further, they build out areas of learning missing from existing standards regimes and curricula—like civics and arts.

The XQ Competencies are an actionable tool, designed to be accessible to all members of the learning community—teachers, students, families, plus local partner organizations and businesses.

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Competency Rubric

A framework to evaluate student performance.
The XQ Competencies offer a new way to assess students’ learning across academic, cognitive, and social-emotional domains by creating concrete milestones for acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for future success.
design principles rubric

XQ Learner Outcomes

Everything Begins with Students
What do young people need to really thrive in today’s complex and rapidly changing world? The answer is our rigorous, scientifically based XQ Learner Outcomes showing what all young people should know and be able to do.

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