XQ Competencies

XQ’s research-backed competencies are a new way to elevate high school learning.

The XQ Competencies define student success not by test scores or Carnegie units, but by the achievement of meaningful outcomes across academic content, cognitive skills, and social-emotional capacities. This developmental framework, grounded in the science of adolescent learning, holds the potential to transform the way we design learning experiences, assess student progress, and certify students’ successful acquisition of essential skills and knowledge. 

Used in concert with academic content standards, the XQ Competencies can work in any state, in any school, and in any outside-of-school education setting. They are an actionable tool, designed to be accessible to all members of the learning community—teachers, students, families, plus local partner organizations and businesses.

The XQ Competency Navigator, currently in beta, is an interactive digital gateway to the full set of XQ Competencies, along with component sub-competencies and detailed, four-level progressions of student growth and development.

XQ Competency Navigator (Beta)

Explore our Beta XQ Competency Navigator. This digital platform showcases the XQ Competencies, crafted to complement and enrich existing academic standards. By integrating both cognitive and social-emotional skills and capacities, the XQ Competencies are paving a bold path toward true college and career readiness.

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XQ Competencies

A framework to evaluate student performance.
Students need learning experiences that support them in achieving the XQ Learner Outcomes:

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XQ Learner Outcomes

Everything Begins with Students. What do young people need to really thrive in today’s complex and rapidly changing world? The answer is our rigorous, scientifically based XQ Learner Outcomes showing what all young people should know and be able to do.

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