Watch: New Film Inspires America to Rethink High School

“The First Class” documentary looks at a new XQ school in Memphis.

By Team XQ

“The First Class” documentary takes an up-close and personal look at the founding class of Crosstown High in Memphis, one of the XQ schools across the nation, showing us how to make high school more meaningful while preparing all students for the future.

Join Crosstown students on their journeys from 9th grade through the triumph of graduation as they imagine life on Mars, step into the lives of refugees, learn to think critically, and ultimately find themselves. This documentary will inspire educators and communities to take a close look at the challenges facing students in their own high schools and to start the conversation about how they, too, can rethink learning for teachers and students.

We have tools and resources to help educators, policy movers, communities, and students take the next steps to rethink high school in their own communities. Learn more about the film and how to watch it at