How Well Do You Really Know America’s History?

By 11:57am PST July 27, 2020

So you think you know American history, but what does that really mean? You might know what date that America signed the Declaration of Independence. You might even be able to list every president and their cabinet. But does that mean you really know American history


Luckily, we’ve teamed up with Driving Force Institute to bring you snackable history lessons that teach us about lesser-known—but incredibly important and culturally renowned—moments in history. Fighting for justice in today’s world means that we need to understand how people of intersecting and marginalized identities helped us get to where we are. You might know that Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, but do you know that expert seamstresses worked tirelessly to make sure his state of the art suit could exist in space? Come learn about the amazing and powerful history of our country—and understand that everyone creates history. You may find that we really are better when we work together. 

Artifacts That Made America: From Space Suits to Writing Desks

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    Check out these video resources from Driving Force Institute to get a deeper look at the history of America through American designs and inventions. For instance, in this post, you can learn how expert seamstresses from the undergarment industry helped send the first American astronauts to space.

Hidden Figures in American History: DJ Kool Herc, Jovita Idar, and Madam Queenie

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    You might know the name of our country’s Founding Fathers, but do you know these lesser-known figures of American history. Come learn more about the man behind hip-hop and help us amplify, expose, and share America’s untold stories.

When Does America’s History Begin? You Decide.

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    July 4, 1776, is the date that commemorates our Declaration of Independence as a country. But is that the date America’s history begins? Watch this video series to learn important pieces of American history you might not know about and find out why they’re important.

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Editorial Associate, XQ Institute. Hana is a recent graduate of Barnard College in New York and has spent the last two years working around issues of economic inequality, welfare reform, and gender justice.